Ryukyu Rising Spring Ambassador Program

Join Our Spring Ambassador Program

We are currently looking for people who can get excited about supporting our brand and the message that our brand stands for.

What Does Ryukyu Rising Stand For?

Co-founder, Kit, here. I was born and raised on an island. As an islander, I feel pretty dang lucky to live so close to nature. A lot of my childhood was spent at the beach snorkeling or in the forest exploring. That's where I learned the importance of nature and what it does for humankind. I started Ryukyu Rising as an homage to what I learned from my years growing up on the island. I want this brand to represent the importance of mankinds vital role we play in keeping this beautiful earth protected. To learn more click here.

What Do I Need to Apply for Brand Ambassador?

The most important is to have the same passion for nature that we do! Secondly, we are looking for people with an Instagram account of 4000+ follower with genuine engagement. We want our ambassadors to really care about their followers and not just view them as numbers on their follower list.

What are the Brand Ambassador Benefits?

As our brand ambassador we give you a 10% discount code to share with your followers. You earn 10% of all sales you bring in. We'll send you a free item from the store every 20 times your coupon code is used. We also give you your own discount code to use at any time to get 20% OFF your entire order.